• Packshot for 'Winter Solstice'

    Spring Equinox

    For the fourth and final session of this series, nine musicians gathered at the Copper House, to celebrate the beginning of spring. All except two of the guests had participated in an Everything Is Recorded Solstice/Equinox improvisation session before.

    The first newcomer was high priestess of psychedelic Arabic jazz, Yazz Ahmed, who joined on trumpet. The other new guest was dark side chronicler, lyrical genius and masked enigma CASISDEAD, who gave a taste of his unique vocal style in this unusual setting.

    All music and vocals were improvised on the day and subsequently edited to create these songs.
    Instruments used were both electronic and acoustic. Previously recorded vocals by Florence Welch, Sampha and Jack Penate were sampled live.

    Featuring: Laura Groves - Keys, Vocals | Jah Wobble - Bass | Richard Russell - Sonics, Keys, Drums | Tic - Sonics, Guitar | Clari Freeman Taylor - Vox, Cello | Yazz Ahmed - Trumpet, Sonics | CASISDEAD - Vocals | Roses Gabor - Vocals | John T - Percussion | Oli Bayston - Keys

    1. Twenty Three Twenty Four
    2. Grace
    3. Everloving Always Smiling
    4. Going Nowhere Fast
    5. Scout
    6. Enter/Lonely
    7. Lover's Dream
    8. You Let It All Go
    9. Neolands
    10. Bright Light